Who am I?

Hi there 👋 . I am Viet-Minh Le (@vietmle_).

  • 🎓  Information Engineering & Media ‘22 @ NTU
  • 💼  Backend Engineer @ ShopeeSG
  • 🧑🏻‍💻 Tech stacks: .py, .go, .js , and some more …

Why I start this blog?

As a non-CS degree person, I find it overwhelmed when self-studying to become a software engineer. I was lucky enough to be guided by my senior, since then my studying process is much easier.

As a result, I start this blog to share my coding journey and hope some of my articles help you in some ways as well.

Moreover, through this blog, I also hope that I can connect with and learn from new like-minded friends like you.

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